Need help with a book!



Can someone help me make a HS book? I need someone who is good at writing as has good grammar, and that also has google docs. Anyone?

PS: I'll you more information if you get picked, but feel free to ask questions!


Are you making a book that is relevant to HS, an RP, or something entirely different?


I'll help. Here's an example of a book I made:

(in progress)


“The universe is so vast, that alien life might be out there.” That was the oath that I live by. Aliens have been my obsession ever since I was young. Just imagine it. That there are other “people” living on a completely different world. A completely new way of life, new technology, and new culture could be out there. All I can do is imagine, though. Sit back and relax, and think of those weird yet intriguing beings that may not be just fiction. Suddenly, I heard the doorbell ring. I walked downstairs, and opened the door. It was none other than my friend, John. “You wanna play in the forest.” The forest. He's utterly obsessed with discovering every new inch of it, now that the summer break has come. “Sure,” I reply. I sprint upstairs, put on clothes appropriate for the “exploration”, and went downstairs. As I go into the garage to get my bike, I get a weird chill down my spine. I ignore it, and get onto my bike. The garage took an eternity to open. After it was fully open, I went outside. John was on his bike, waiting for me. We biked down the road to the park entrance. “Race you to the bench!” he shouted, far ahead of me. The bench is a clearing about a mile down from the road. “A mile is enough to beat him,” I thought. I sped up, and after a minute, was right behind him. Suddenly, he stops his bike. I squeeze the brakes and I stop just in time to see what he is looking at. There, to the right of us, we could see some broken tree trunks in the distance. “What the!?” I mutter. “Let’s go see what it is,” he said. “Sure,” I reply, “but be careful, our bikes might trip over those roots.” “What do you say, why don't we just leave our bikes here and go by foot,” he says. “Okay,” I say. We get off of our bikes and head over to the wreckage. The canopy of trees above us had made the area a little dark. When we reached the broken branches, we immediately knew that something was weird. The branches and leaves that broken were covering some plate-shaped thingy. We started pulling away the branches from the object. What we saw below made me almost faint. “A U-U-UF-FO,” I stammered. There was no mistaking it. What I saw was undoubtedly a UFO. We sprinted back to our bikes, terrified, yet excited. None of us could speak. “What the heck is that thing?” John says. “It looks like a UFO,” I reply, terrified. How weird is it that I spent my whole life dreaming of seeing a UFO and when I finally see one, I'm terrified. “What should we-,” John said before we felt something gun shaped against our backs. I turn around. Two aliens were standing behind us, pointing something that looked like those gimmicky blasters you could buy from the dollar store. But it was the aliens that fascinated me. They had big, oval heads, and a tiny grey body. They looked exactly like a Grey, a species of aliens that I read in a book. “Get over to our bikes and ride away when I say go,” I whisper to John. “Ok, Mazin,” he replies in a low voice. “Go,” I scream. We sprint to our bikes and and get onto them in the blink of an eye. Before the aliens could understand what we were doing, we already started pedalling away at what felt like the speed of light. I heard something that sounded like “pew pew” and I look to my left. I saw a streak of light go past us. John and I both knew what was happening. There were firing at us. We look at each other and nod. In order to make us harder targets for those aliens, we start swerving left and right. After what felt like a century, I look back and see that there are no more aliens. We keep cycling to my house in silence. When we reach my house, we immediately get off of the bikes, our legs wobbly. “Oh. My. God.”

Guam, South Pacific
US National Defence Base

It was quite a mystery. The colonel hadn't entered the ops room for hours. The sergeant says he's been stuck in a meeting. Weird things have been happening here lately. But nobody knows why. I hear footsteps outside of the ops room. The door opens and Lieutenant Woolworth comes in. He hands me a piece of paper. “Examine these, corporal, and I want you to document all of them into the computer server under the file ‘UFO.’” “But sir,” I reply, “those are classified and haven't been in use for a long time.” “Well, now they're about to be used,” he replies before shuffling out of the room nervously. “Weirdo,” I mutter under my breath. “What's that paper about anyway?” the private on duty said. I take a look. “My god,” I say in a faint voice. A whole list of UFO sightings were jotted down on that piece of paper. ‘January 18, 1954: A man living in Hamburg, Germany, reports two flying disks in the air shooting at each other while he was skiing. One was big and bulky, and the other one was tiny. According to the man, the UFO that was bigger got shot down but it evaporated before it hit the ground.’ Below, there is a picture of the UFOs’ dogfight in the air, and other UFO sightings. “What the-! That happened yesterday!” the private screams in a shaky yet excited voice…


Thats awesome! Do you have google docs?


Its a book on coding tips and how to use tHe coding blocks. Would you like to join?


Sorry! I'm busy with another collab! You can use the BAS approved list to get ppl's attention, tho!


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I have google docs and exquisite grammar


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