Need help to make this song hopscotchie



Listen to this


Cool song! Can you Hopscotchify it?! :smile:

Remember: topics here must be related to Hopscotch! :slight_smile:


I didn't make this, soooooo...


Okay, but remember: try to keep topics related to Hopscotch! It's a rule here on the forums! :slight_smile:


Cool I'll try to remember that, as you might not know, I'm kinda new to fourm


Please keep this related to Hopscotch or the forums in some way! Since you like that song, why not try to make it in Hopscotch? :slight_smile:


Great :joy: Idea I'm ganna do that


Ok, then can you close this topic?


I don't know how to do that


Sorry like I said I'm new :confounded:


Oh, do not worry, when I was new I was just like you


Thanks for understanding :cold_sweat:


Awwww, com on. We can have fun together!


I love sonic! Just love it!


Hey I love him too. Thanks man. Or woman? :sweat_smile:


I am a man, do you want to make a sonic hopscotch project with me?


And let's work on getting this thing hopscotch related! Do you want me to try copying that song on hopscotch?


1 sorry for calling you a woman

2 you should check out a sonic project I did, it's glitchy but it's cool

3 I want to know how to put that song in my sonic project


Oh, ok, tap sounds. And make music!


What is your username?