Need help studying?



yeah i know, i know.

this sounds nerdy but I swearda god it’s not.

So recently my grades are… well… they’re “average” as so to speak.

and studying is boring… cycling through your flash cards… reading over math problems… trying to remember who the 20th president was…

Yeah, it’s boring
And sometimes we’re better at some things than others and some people on this forum are amazing at certain things.

so I was thinking what if we gathered a bunch of people that are good at math, English, languages etc so we can

get help with things
That are related to school of course.

So if you are an A student in a subject, reply and I’ll put you and about three others in a group and people can tag you here And you can help them.


@Autumn_Leaves (6th grade and below)


@Yusamac205 @yaygirls

Social studies/history:

@PinkCupcake8 American and Australian

Different language (tag me with the language):

@Kayro (Spanish)


reading (vocab, spelling, etc):

Any other subjects?? suggest a few and I might take them ;)


I might sign p for English.
This is a kool topic.


also I need help with math and also I have a verbs English test tmrw soooooooooooooooooooooooo



you’re an A studen in it? What’s the worst grade you’ve gotten in enhlish


U could do something on discourse meta dms


Also how do u make posts wikis


I have all As. I can giv u my classes though,
Accelerated Geometry (A)
Spanish (A)
Global Studies (A)
Honors English (A)
Honors Science (A)
Law & Order (A)


Gotta be regular


ok you can sign up for one or two


Maybe a B? I love ELA, so I usually don’t get bad grades in it.





how bout math and science

R u good with that


ok u can do English :)))


I don’t know which one to pick to do!

I mean I could pick Science or English or Spanish or LITERALLY ANYTHING


Can I do math and science?



u can do two if u want


oh ok


Idk if I have A’s in those but I’m preaty good with them


yeah sure go ahead

well I already put u in them so


I do Spanish/language and science. If I can k.