Need help on trail art and pixel art please



I need help with my pixel art. I am trying to make a candy wrapper like this​:candy:


Maybe you should get a template of the Internet and start of that


But I don't know how to code it pleas help buddy


Okay I will be back tomorrow with the step by step


I'm not here tommarow only Friday,Saturday,And Sunday


Do you know how to make a pixel?


No not at all please help me BFF


Ok! Let me find a screenshot


What would I do without you could I give credit to u on my project


This might help:



The problem is I don't know how to code that.



Secretly tags @bluedogmc-official, he's awesome at pixel arts


What does that mean please tell me


What does what mean?


This is the code for basic pixel art

Help with pixel arts

I gtg bye


Bye did you see the shoutout I gave you a week ago


Is that all BFF just wanna know


Yeah, make other custom blocks with different colours and add a few blocks after each other if you want a few pixels in a row


Want to make a account together and work on it together