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(Adapted from Discourse Forum, I didn't write anything except for the intro)

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At first I was like:

OMG @Follow4LikesOfficial, you wrote all that?!

Then I saw your message:

And then I was like:


When I copied and pasted it, the images didn't appear, so I wrote and copied and pasted sections of it, then added all the images.

It took 20 minutes lol


Thank you for tagging me! :D

This is a really useful tutorial! :D


Awesome tutorial! :smile:



Don't thank me, thank discourse! :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you and discourse! :D


great job @Follow4LikesOfficial and @discourse


nice tutorial! I was the 20th like!


Thx for putting up the tutorial! :D_


Thanks for sharing it!
Even though in not confused

this is nothing im just trying things out

You didn't tag me but nice speech(even though you didn't write it!)

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I just updated it! :smile:

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What's this "hanks" you're talking about? I swore this wasn't Discourse Meta, and what happened to the "adapted from" part?


It's called an intro lol

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Reviving becuase this really will help new forumers! (First time using that word!)


Here's a like :heart:!

9 hours...





Why!! Whenever I'm about to revive you do it lol




I think NOT!