Need Help on something, that I want to work on?



Need artist and music, walking sprites and so on?


This sounds like something big! Maybe you could clarify two things then:

  • Do you have a Hopscotch subscription?


  • What kind of music are you looking for?


Music can be accessed via the sounds in ‘green’ section of code.
Sprites can be made by using the ‘set text’ block also located in the green, and you can add certain Unicode still produce objects. Otherwise there are hopscotch characters and objects which can be cloned. With walking sprites, you can change the leg movement in your unicode.

Try this
Set text (stance, standing)
Wait (100)
Set text (move legs slightly)
Wait (100)
Set text (move legs more, into a rather running position)
And vice versa.

Otherwise with a subscription you can change the set text to set image while adding changing running animations.

Otherwise you can buy a subscription and upload customised sprites onto your project.

Music can only be made with the allowed sounds within hopscotch.


No I dou’t have a Hopscotch Subscription?

But I do want to work on a 2D platforming game so the music I want is boss music and forest type music something that could go well with bosses and a forest and maybe something for the final boss.


Do you want something like this:
for the walking animation?


Yeah, that look right.


@Blastfusion explained everything here. These animations are often called ‘Animojis’ When made with emojis.
When 7=7
Set text to :walking_man:‍♂️
Wait 500
Set text to :running_man:‍♂️


And by the way,welcome to the forum!( I live in NZ,too!)


I am not really good at making music,but I wish this helps.


all right, think you, you very must.:grinning:


No problem! Happy to help😀