Need help making bunny ears



Well, @Anna10 and me are making a game, and there's another problem:

I don't know how to make the bunny ears.

Well, they have to be able to change color quickly. I would like The Hopscotch Team to add a new shape, an oval. So, if anyone could give me an oval, that would be helpful. Or if they could make shape/text art that's easy to change color.

Link to the project:

Some helpful people:



Thanks for tagging me, yeah, the hopscotch team should add like an oval shape


Yeah, if walls need it.

EDIT: I meant "Yeah, I really need it."


You could make bunny ears with line Art!

Unfortunately, I don't know sin and cos, but I can give you a simpler version that takes a tad longer to load!


Well, it has to change quickly, like the whole ear. T.H.T. has got to add an oval shape…

And unfortunately, we don't know how to do sine and Cosine, too, we can do random stuff with it, though.


I made the ears on my bunny using circles and triangles!
I could make a blank project with bunny ears for you to use if you want...
Link to game here!

#7 And here we are! I think u 2 can figure out the rest.


If it helps, here's my trail art!


An oval! What a great idea. We'll take it into consideration totally. :slight_smile:


Yay! That will help with lots of projects! :smile:


Wow. That was easy to figure out. I just needed it and thought, "The Hopscotch Team really needs to add an oval. Then Hopscotchers could code better." :hushed:


@Marshmallow3, @EggsOnSaturn1, your trail arts are amazing, but they have to be able to change color with a Set Color block.


How do you do it with line art? Also, I can't seem to find the topic about making Easter eggs...Could someone link it?


@seawolfwerehorse makes nice bunny ears! ;D


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Search for "Easter Egg Code!" by Kiwicute2016.