Need help for basic coding? Come here!(For beginers)



Hello peps!This my first conversation so please dont hate.:joy:so you wanna learn to code huh?Well we can chat right here!But first:Always use appropiate words.So pls have fun learning code!
First lesson: Basics

                                            1. Basics

Some times you have to do basics for everything like mostly [Move forward].You mosty use this for puzzles and platforming and rap battles and stories,stuff like that.Start by using 300.This is the easiest number to use.To walk to the left use [Move forward -300] then use [flip].[flip] is you turning but know what i mean.The last Basic block is [Repeat forever] or [Repeat for (7=7)] if that works.Those repeat forever until you quit the game.


No, to make your character move left or right, use change X by. If the angle of your character isn't set to 90/-90, then your character will move forward in the direction the angle of your character is set to.

Much more efficient way.

And welcome to the forum!


Im still a beginner so... lol(thanks for the tip!


Hear my SPEECH


Welcome to the forum!


Isn't that from that one Sims episode? XD


What do you mean? Idk what you are talking about...


There's this one Sims movie that's like "To __ a ___, you must become a _____! :stuck_out_tongue:


Oooooooooooooooh ok i see now


Awesome topic, @CharlesCode! :+1::+1::+1::+1:
Welcome to the forum!
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Thanks! Im forgetting things...for some reason


2. Drawing

So you wanna away im-press? comes back your family with yo drawings huh?
Well just...hmmm...Use that pixel art vid...(if you like pixel art) or go to teh purple section and tap or press or click the....................Draw a line thing...(why am I forgetting things XD)and in it...put anything you like...mostly x and y...or z.......(lol) yea thats my lesson for this year?or day?Well see ya and happy thanksgiving!

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