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Hello everyone, Thundercloud here! I'm good at a lot of things on Hopscotch, so I want you to know that, if you want any help then please reply below. I will be glad to help you!


Hi! I need help. Can you explain to me custom colors? I don't understand the video very much. I understand with typed directions :smile:


Ok, so Valgo (a Hopscotcher) figured out that Hopscotch isn't limited to the colors it has.
If you put down a Leave a trail block

and hold down on the color in the block you can see a 'select all' button (it takes a while to show up). Once you click select all hit copy. After that pull out a text block and open up the keyboard. Remove the text and then tap and hold on the box where you put the text until you see a paste button appear. Click paste. You should see the text HSB(#,#,#,) appear.
H stands for Hue, S is for Saturation, and B is for Brightness.
To get a custom color type in any three numbers where the '#' is (in hopscotch it will already have numbers). Once you type in a number like HSB(115,100,100) then copy that text.
After you copy it go back to the Leave a trail block and hold down on the color in the block. When you let go a paste button should appear. Hit paste. Now (even though the color on the block doesn't change) you have a custom color! If you used my example you get neon green. Hit play and you can see that you have created a custom color!! I hope this helped you!! If you still need help just tell me :smile:


Thank you very much :smile:


Sorry, I don't know of any websites.


You don't make projects on here, you make them on the Hopscotch app. If your wondering how to start a new conversation, just click + Ask new question at the top of the forum's main screen.


I'm not the person you were talking to, but I use a website called
On their website they have a bunch of things, including a color wheel with HSB codes


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@Berrymelon @Thundercloud you can use my HSB colour picker on Hopscotch if you like, or you can just search "HSB colour" for colour picker websites online I think.


You could definitely use @t1_hopscotch's Color Picker, but I found a website called where it gives HSB and many other forms of color catagorizations.
P.S. I love your Color Picker! I wish I had the patience to make that!
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@AwesomeGal1b thank you! :heart: Yeah a website is very useful for converting other colour models (like RGB for example) into HSB!


No problem! I found that website from @FilipPaul!
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P.S. Can we work on a project together somehow? I'm a bit confused on this giant problem I'm trying to fix and I need some help.:grimacing:


Here is a link i use to get custom colorsHSB Color Picker


Thank you so much for all the information! When I meant project, I just meant a conversation, lol! You guys are really helpful!


How do I share a post in order to get the First Share badge? I looked at a How to Share Posts conversation but it didn't make sense. Can you explain it to me? (include photos if you don't mind) Thanks :smile:


Hi ThunderCloud DrWho here and I need help i am making a game and you press a button then it shoots at the other person but when I made it I made my character go up then the food was down I need Help!

Thanks DrWho


How do I put a picture on this because I need to


@Berrymelon no problem!


@Crazyicecream when you reply or make a new post there is a button that looks like a square with an arrow going out of it. Hit that and click add image (I don't know if it actually says add image, but you know what I mean)


@Berrymelon Click the button that looks kind of like an infinity sign. When you click it copy the link and you can email / message it to people.