Need help account password lost



I tried to change my account but I got two Linem studio and Codepro. I'm trying to get back Linem studio, but it wants to get back Linemstudio please help @Liza @system help!


Hi, @LinemStudio!
The best thing to do is send a password reset email.

Do you see where it says "I forgot my password"? Click that! It will ask for your email, so give yours or a parent's!

Click "Reset Password". This will send you an email. Follow the instructions and viola! You have a new passcode :wink:


What @LotsaPizza said. If you don't have an email, or didn't set one up, ask @Liza, she will most likely sort it out for you.


I forgot mine once. Then I emailed THT but my email wasn't associated with my account, and then I had to tell them one of my drafts, and then it was okay.


It doesn't work with two account I was trying to change accounts and wanted to do the recent one


Yeah, email THT, it helps


And be sure to ask your parents before you put in their email, it might suprise them a bit or they may not notice it! :wink:


I got a school gamial account


I got loggers out of my new account and when I tried to sign back in it should my old account I need my old account back how do I get back in