Need Drawing Pads? LOOK HERE!


Hey! Need a free drawing pad? You got it! Just follow these steps!
1. Search "minioncandy" in hopscotch
2. Look in my published tab
3. Find and cluck in the drawing pad request form project
4. Fill it out
5. Remix
6. Wait for your drawing pad!



Hey I've seen you on hopscotch before!


Ya, I just joined the forum! :smiley:


Welcome to the forum, @minioncandy! If you need any help, just tag me like this: @William04GamerA and I´ll be there!
I have already made a drawing pad on HS, so I don´t need any drawing pad, but good luck with your coding. If you need any help, tag me!


Is your avatar Do Rae Mon? I love that show! (The original one, not the one on Disney XD) ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


Yeah! I like Doraemon and I bought that Doraemon toy! :slight_smile


I have one too I and I want to say I watched it before


My brother has one too! We also have a bunch of his stuff! Like shirts, shorts, and magnets! :3


You can also search up DA-BEAST on hopscotch and use mine


I saw her on Hop too and I did her art request