Need Collab! Help!



I'm looking for someone who is good with values, can teach me about values, and has a good idea for a project! I know this is a lot to do but please do it!!


Hi, welcome to the forum! I'm pretty good with values. If you need help, I can try to help you! Just tag me like this; @bluedogmc-official!


Hello @craycray_unicorn! Welcome to the forums! I can help you if you want.


Hey, @bluedogmc-official, I just don't get what they are 4, can you explain or do I have to be more specific?


You mean values? I can explain them. Hold on, I've wrote a article about them before.


Here's a article about values:


Great article


I'm pretty good with values. They are my thing.


This was supposed be for values and collabs. Can we just shift a bit to the topic collabs please? I like all of your ideas.