Need coding help? Post here!



In this topic you can ask for help and help other hopscotchers.
Hello! If you need help with coding, ask a question here. You can also reply to other users questions!

  • Please be on-topic
  • To make your question easier to understand, post a picture. (Just a tip :slight_smile:)
  • Just ask questions about hopscotch and the hopscotch forum, please!
  • Have fun!


Awesome topic! :smile:

I don't think we have met, I am Dude73! :D


Thanks! Nice to meet you!


I agree with @Dude73!


Hello haven't seen you around. Nice topic


I haven´t logged in in the forums since October, but now i´m back! (i´m online at hopscotch every day). Thanks!


Hello! Nice topic! :grinning:
I'm from Sweden too!


Nice :slight_smile:! Thanks @CreationsOfaNoob and everybody else who liked the topic!




I think I made a topic similar to this...


Ok, try to find the link....


Also here a more recent Cod Help!!'


Bumping this topic up!