Need Answers Not Likes


Hey guys!
On recent posts I have been reading, forumers asking for help with bugs and issues with their code on topics have been getting more likes then answers, or replies. I have a feeling you know what I am talking about.

So, if you were to create a topic, stating that there is a bug with, let’s just say posting something on Hopscotch. And you have so many saved drafts that you want to share with the community! You ask your fellow forumers for some advice or if there is some way to fix this bug. But for the next two days, all you get is likes. That must be frusturating. So, instead of giving likes, which are awesome of course, start replying! Give answers to the people who need them! Likes are great and important, but if a person desperately needs answers, and you know of a good solution, give it to them! A comment shows the forumer that another forumer actually cares, rather then giving a measly like that could really mean anything.

Thank you for reading my little rant!
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While i agree with this alot of times i cant reply becase i don’t know how to anwser the question or whatever.


Good point, I agree! :smiley:

Also, I wanted to make a website too but I didn’t think we were allowed to. Would that count as communication outside the forum?


Same here. I’m not good at giving coding advice!


Like a public web or on hs?


I agree with you but a lot of times likes mean
“Yes I want to know the answer too”
Because a lot of people want to also know the answer
Meaning they can’t answer you but the support your question
The more likes it has, the more important your question is to others because that shows that it is a worthy and important question
I’m not saying that only a very liked question is important, but all questions are important
Hopefully this makes sense


@Madi_Hopscotch_ - I am actually not making a website to launch on the web. I am talking about a website to launch on Hopscotch that I coded!

@PartTimeFemale, @yaygirls- Even I am not good at giving advice about coding bugs! You can see that if I comment on someone’s bug topic, it usually says to try and troubleshoot, or ask THT. I don’t give direct solutions, because I DON’T KNOW direct solutions. But just showing someone on their bugs topic that has been just getting likes that you actually care and are trying just means a lot! :smile:


Oh cool, I can’t wait to see it! :smiley:


I agree. Sometimes people don’t know how to solve bugs however, but they leave a like to inform that they have seen the topic. But yes, if you have a solution and want to post it, then you should do that if you want to.


I have gotten some time to think about it. I know of some forumers who made websites for Hopscotch, but nothing official. @Madi_Hopscotch_, you should totally talk to THT to see if that is okay!


When you get like it means someone read it and probs don’t know


I do it because someone already gave the answer and repeating it would be unhelpful.


Literally this is every help topic i make, until i tag people and interrogate them.


Well, sometimes people don’t have time to reply. They probably like the post so the person knows that they read it or that they want to know the answer too.


These are all great answers!

In your comment, you don’t have to repeat an answer. You can tag the person that said the answer and say, I support this answer, or, this is a good answer.