Need a title for a game



So I'm making a game, and I need a title for it. I have no idea what to name it. Do any of you have any ideas? I'll give credit.

The game:

So in my game, you have to tap little circles to keep them happy, I guess. I didn't think of a storyline either. (Could use help on that) if you don't tap them soon enough, they will go away. The game ends when all the blue circles are gone. But there are also red circles, and if you tap them, the game ends.

I can't take any screenshots except of the start screen and the instructions page. I can't even give you an idea of what I want it to be like, I'm so bad. The backround is just black, with your score on top. I'd really appreciate it if you'd help!


So if you want it simple an,e it

Circle tapper


Crazy Blue Circles




Tapper machine

  • Circle tapper
  • Crazy blue Circles
  • Tappy Tappy Circles
  • Blue Circles
  • potatoe circles...


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Tappy Tappy Circles lol...


I can help but what way if u are having a problem?
Maybe the storyline can be like Potatoe dropped __ blue balls (__ is the number of balls)
Help him pick up the BLUe balls
Don't pick up the red one s cause they are evil Bananas balls sth like that!!





This sounds like a pretty cool game! How about keep away?


You know Sinous 3? @Zetax made it awhile ago. It's kind of formatted like that.


How about...

Keeper of Circles?



Or... Circle keeper?


I will try and tell you the idea!
If I come up with one....


Thank you so much all of you!


So wait have u like already made that game?.


No. I started it. I haven't gotten the circles out yet, or anything, r ally. Just the start screen


Happy Tappy Circles


@TheGreenBanana this is kinda odd topic but do u wanna be my coding partner??
Cause u are awesome. And I have been looking for a coding partner like from March...

if yes we might be able to work this project out on an new Collab account.If no I don't mind I will still help you!
Cause why not.


I would love to be your coding partner!


Turns out I follow you :stuck_out_tongue:


:slight_smile:Turns out that I follow you too! :wink:


Happy Balls! The story line could be the blue balls are happy and the red balls are angry and you need to tap happy balls and not angry balls to win @TheGreenBanana


Tap-Happy Circles
How about that?:wink:


How About "Circle Blast?"

"Have a blast, with Circle Blast!"