Need a tag in a topic?



Do you want a tag in a certain topic but you can't create them? I can create tags and put them in your topics so if you need a tag I'll put it in your topic
Also I can't just make tags all the regulars and up can!


You should give credit to @MYD, s/he made a topic like this!


Thanks @AHappyCoder , I did make a topic like this, that is okay but I really wanted to do it!


Oh :sweat:


Would u want to do it with me?




Dea? plz say deal, plz say deal




Okay, how will we get people to come here so we can give them tags, I feel like a business owner!


lol umm...we could...delete one of our topics...and use the other...


I would LOVE to have my own tag! Y'know, EggsOnSaturn?


What topic of yours do u want the tag in?