Need a logo for my account!


So, you know how professional Video Game company's have cool names like naughty dog, valve, and Bethesda? Well, I got to thinking, why doesn't my hopscotch account have a cool, name? I mean technically, it is a video game companey. So I started thinking of a cool, common thing that might be able to tie in with Link, from Zelda. And that's when I thought of Chain Link Studios! Now, all I need is a cool logo, but the thing is, I'm terrible at drawing, so now I'm asking you to draw a logo For Chain Link Studios! Draw a picture, hopscotch or whatever you want it on, post it to this post, and maybe you will win!


Chain Link Studios as in:

"Linked Chains"
'Link wearing chainmail"

Which one? I might find some time in my schedule to draw you a sinple logo.

Do you have to draw it on HS, or what?
And, when's the deadline?


Whatever you like! Link could be swinging a chain, or wearing chain, or climbing a chain link fence!


@XiaoMiaoMi, what is your Hopscotch Account Called?


@Dude73 @rawrbear I know you guys are good at drawing also @XiaoMiaoMi


I'm horrible, actually. :stuck_out_tongue:


You can draw it on anything, and the deadline is next week


Oh. Okay. Get on the Wunderlist!


I'm in class atm lol


@benny29 My HS name is Shivelight [Hetalian].

Please don't judge my recent drawings, they're supposed to be gory. I wanted to draw some characters from a webcomic I really like and... well....

I've improved since this spring, so don't worry, my current drawings aren't as bad as the ones on my account.


That's really cool! The drawings i mean! What web comic is it?


The webcomic is Hetalia. I'm a Hetalia addict.

i don't want to contaminate you D:

don't come within close range of the hetalia or you will be sucked into it and it will take over your life


That aside, I'll try to enter your contest!


Hetalia. I think that I have read it. I recognize the name. Also, do you watch anime? Sorry that this is off topic, it's just your drawings look like anime.


I wouldn't go so far as to say my drawings look like Japanese animation, because their animation is super high-quality, whereas mine is... er...
trash upon trash

Yes, I do watch anime. I also read manga (the manga are almost always better than the anime). Hetalia was converted into a manga, and the Hetalia anime is terrible (FUNimation's worst anime ever, in my opinion).

Sorry for being off-topic.


Do you watch attack on titan or sword art online? Those are my two favorite anime!


Shingeki no Kyojin I did watch, but unless you've read the manga, I'm going to be a (leaky) bucket of spoilers. Really, really bad spoilers.
The anime didn't live up to the manga at all, in my opinion. The plot was condensed too much, and then when they realized they'd gone too fast, Season Two just became Deaths Of Side Characters You Never Had The Time To Bond With Anyway.

SAO... I'm not the biggest fan.

Getting back on topic—

Is this logo going to be used as your profile pic, your background... What's it going to be used for?


If I have time, I can. :smile:


This is not hand drawn, I made it online.

Made on


That is very good @William04GamerA


Can you post the picture @William04GamerA