NCAA hopscotch tournament(March Madness Topic)




So I was thinking, since lots of us will fill out our brackets within the next day or so, why don’t we code the logo of the team who we have winning everything?

Person who replicates the logo best using trail art and objects wins!
@hopscotch-curators would it be possible to feature the winner?

1st prize is a potential featured, 5 follows, and 20 likes on your project

2nd prize is 3 follows and 15 likes on your project

3rd place is 2 follows and 10 likes on your project

Everyone who enters will recieve a like on their project and a follow from my HS account, DragonOfDarkness!


Here’s a list of teams you can do.
Project is due by April 9th.


Sorry this a bad question but what’s March Madness ?


Ah yes i love this thing you call “basket ball”


It’s a college basketball tournament in the US where 68 teams compete to win their title.


Hmm that makes me sad

There should be another team


I don’t leave in the US, so I didn’t know of this tournament.


This seems cool, but I can’t do it


I see watcha saying there winkity wonkity


I’m making the logo for the fun of it.

XD although the brackets will be released in an hour, one of mine will have the 2018 American Conference champs winning it all.


This sounds cool! I’ll give it a try.


Oh sorry, wrong topic.


Hm, well, I’m more of a football person…and I haven’t watched any basketball all season…and I’m busy coding some stuff, but I might do this.


Then again, the team that I was gonna code just got beaten :woman_facepalming:t3:


So? If the team is listed in the image, it’s ok!


March Madness is pretty popular (at least in the USA) so it is cool how you are integrating that into coding!!

I think whether you actually know and watch March Madness does not matter! Just as long as you know the basic concept, you could totally participate in this! :smile:


I’m sad IU didn’t make it. Otherwise I’d be doing this challenge.


Ah. Better luck next year?

I’d do it anyways, because no one else seems to have joined…


Oh cool im rooting for Portland state university GO DUCKS!


Wait oops its basketball…


Wait do the ducks have basketball?