NBC Logo Trail Art


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@Milkypup lol
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I can actually see the peacock more that's the official logo XD


Second! I love the HSB colors ( or did you use RGB ) and the logo is spot on, great coding. But could you not make a new topic every time you make a project, and post the OMTL? KINDA sorta clogging up the forum. Other than that, good!


I like it. :[)


Cool! It looks very professional



PS take it off global edit




How did you do that :o


May the fourth be with you my friend




You too! Happy Star Wars-day! (is it called that?)


Have you seen star wars, its may 4th
Star wars day


I guess, lol


I have not seen Star Wars but I know about today :slight_smile:
And I have a R2-D2 key ring...


You should watch the movies!
They are very good!


I am thinking of doing it :slight_smile:


Lets talk in my general topic i guess




Well done!
It's super accurate, I love it!


I think it might only be 1/100000000 degree off... Don't tell anyone