NBA 2016 Finals


I know, I know.

This has to be hopscotch related!

I don't really use HS anymore, so I can't do that. But I would love to see your text art for the NBA!

The Finals Game 7 is on right now, 40-47, warriors leading. 2nd Quarter

This is the place to discuss the finals and try to interpret it with hopscotch!

This is not a party! A discussion and a place to share your NBA text art and projects.

Tagging @SmilingSnowflakes and @LazyLizard



The text art is fine, but I'm not sure about the discussion part. :sweat_smile:

(Although I am watching the game. :D)


My goodness so many and ones this quarter it's amazing


I'll make le project for this :3


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It's basketball. Golden State Warriors versus Clevland Cavilers. :D


It's basketball :slight_smile:
It's golden state warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers

I'm rooting for warriors! Go CURRY :D


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who are you rooting for?

  • Cavs
  • Warriors



@Anonymous, I get how this relates, but the discussions won't. What do you think?


Some projects for NBA spirit!

1. Try to draw a player on the court
2. Try to draw a baskeball
3. Try out the games ^^
4. Try to make a basketball game!
5. Make a project on the NBA finals!


Know even sillier.


I think it's okay. I added the discussion part so I can see who likes basketball. I like to learn other people's interests and they can make future discussions easier. I think Liza will be okay with this, we need to know each other as a community.

Also, why does it seem to me like you're trying to point out my every mistake? I get that you're an leader (you're an amazing one) and I respect that, but lately I don't know why, but I feel like you are targeting me for some reason /._.\
I'm sorry if this ^ sounded mean, but I am a little confused.
Glad to hear about your NBA spirit though!

Who are you rooting for?


Lol my dad and my dad's friend are watching the game


I don't think I've been "targeting" you, what seems like I have been?

I'm just a bit hesitant about it. As long as it's not too off topic and there is some type of coding discussion involved, it's fine. :D

And Golden State. :D


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Well, PT gets to have an extremely off topic (although interesting) conversation with SuperSwaggy, since like January. Whereas when I go off topic or make a slight mistake, you post about it. I just don't understand why. Please don't reply because I know what you guys did on docs and it's okay to believe what you guys believe.

I don't want to talk about it in public, maybe you could write a message on me on the docs or something and we can discuss.


I'm rooting for the Warriors as well. They're losing by one point :0


Oh my goodness another and one by Kyrie Irving!


Okay, general docs, please.


Uh, I deleted that a while ago lol