NaturalArt Forum General Topic [MEMBERS ANNOUNCED]



Welcome to the NaF General Topic!

Although there will be separate topics for each challenge so as not to overwhelm my brain with entries, this is a sort of NaturalArt Grand Central. It's where any new members will be announced, where current members can come with questions for me, and where anyone can chat about art and artistry.

The first challenge will be out on June 1st.

At the beginning of May, I opened registration for NaturalArt Forum. Originally, there were 50 spots open, and I received 31 entries via the topic. Add this to the four transferring NaturalArt Hopscotch Members, and there are currently 35 members of NaturalArt.

Now, since the number of members amounts to less than the total number of original slots...

fancy math skills

There are still 15 spots open for NaturalArt! I will continue to accept entries in the Registration Topic unless and until all 15 spots are filled.

Open the Tag List below to see the new members of NaturalArt Forum!

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The following users are members of NaturalArt Forum and will be tagged at any events regarding the organization.
For more information, see the NaturalArt Forum General Topic!

Welcome to NaturalArt!



Yay! :D I'm in! I can't wait to do the challenges :3


I can't wait to get started!!


Thank you so much!! :D


eyyo i was accepted for some reason lol

are we going to start the challenges now, soon, or are we going to wait for all spots to be filled?


according to serenity,


Yeah I'm in!
Thank you!


oh oops lol got too excited seeing i was in

looking forward to june 1st then ^^


I can't wait for the first challenge :DDD


on the topic of

does anyone have any tips for lining a piece bc i have lining pens but no way to line anything lol

i do use linearts, but my art focuses more on the stuff in the lines (i over-shade) than the lines themselves???

so rn all the fancy lining pens are. unused and lying off to the side, used solely for when i need a nice dark and precise shade of black for a small shadow of, say, a ring


by this i mean like. does anyone have tips to line a piece so that the piece looks nicer, rather than just lining for the sake of lining


Wow, thanks for accepting me! :D


Wow, thank you so much! I look forward to doing the NaF Challenges! Thanks, @Serenity!


Wow, I'm in! Thanks for accepting me, Serenity!


Yay! I cant believe I got accepted! I cant wait for The challenges!


Thank you so much for accepting me!


Thank you so much!!!! Could you tell me when to get on HS for challenges?


Ayyyyy thank you Serenity for accepting me! ;3

I'm looking forward to the 1st challenge, and thanks again!


I made it!
I am so glad!


:3 Thank you so much! I'm excited to do the challenges!