Natural Disaster Project: Leaks and Rumors


Hey guys!

So you have probably heard of the Natural Disaster Collab. And the project is actually going to end up being a LOT bigger than we thought it would. In fact, it has gotten so big that I decided I should get it more attention by letting you guys come up with ideas of what we might just be doing with our project.

Here is some clues to get you started:

  • The game is about an Earthquake
  • You can earn money and reputation
  • Darfield Earthquake

@AHappyCoder @Hermione @Mr.rex This topic will draw a lot of attention to our project. BUT WE HAVE TO BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO GIVE OUT TO MANY HINTS!!!


Are you giving out hints? That’s cool! What about adding Easter eggs in the game too?
Easter eggs is hidden features.


@William04GamerA That is a great idea!


That sounds like an amazing idea!


@FluffyMice Have any idea of how the project will turn out?




We have new screenshots for you to find!