Natural Disaster Collab



Wait do you know how to do top down out of screen scrolling?


@AHappyCoder If you mean do I know how to make something scroll in Hopscotch, then YES!!!



I’m doing something really fancy where the shake code occurs before scroll code activates


@AHappyCoder AWESOME!!! Do you need me to do the scroll code?


Nah I’m good

Just getting the variables and start screen set up etc I’ll have the first screen full then I’ll trade the draft


@AHappyCoder Okay, make sure to delete the project after you know I have the draft.


One of the games in roblox is quite similar to this


@Cyborgx Did you know ROBLOX is starting to become illegal?


Whaaaaaat?! What am I going to do with my life! just kidding, but seriously Whaaaaaat?!


Why i dont know? Please tell me



I’m exicited!

Reply when you want me to publish



U there?



Okay, I am ready. I will be on for about ten minutes to receive it.


@AHappyCoder sorry that I did not respond earlier. I was a little busy.


I AM SO EXCITED!!! This is going to be totally awesome.


@AHappyCoder I am ready. I am excited :d


I a man still waiting…


I’m back

Publishing now


Done go get it then tell me


Okay, I have saved it