Natural Disaster Collab



She hacked the Scotchhop team, Potatotes, Unidonut, WJB, The Kay Kat Klub,
MathsHS, and HCG as said by her ROBLOX bio


@CreativeCoder Yeah, that makes sense


@HappyDolphin We have room for another person if you want to join this collab…


No pls no

Draft trade


Pls draft trade

I have had really bad experiences with collab accounts


@AHappyCoder YOUR BACK!!! Finally! Lets start coding! Okay, I like draft trade.


@AHappyCoder rawr could not join us :pensive:


It is too sad for words… If you need proof, check you topic



Goodness me


@AHappyCoder yeah, that was me talking with KVJ.


Can I start??

The order would be

In order of who joined first


@AHappyCoder What do you mean by ‘start’?


Make the first draft

So let’s get this straight

There has been an earthquake and you need to go get food and water for people who have lost their homes, you need to purify the water by boiling it, the more people you help the more rep you get and eventually you can get water from the military who are helping out

Sound good?


Quests could be

Help a owner find his lost cat

Remove graffiti

Put out a fire


@AHappyCoder That sounds good. Also, could you use an object as the ground instead of drawing the ground? Oh, and I also think before you can do the quests you should make an Earthquake animation for the beginning.


Ok object bg

Seems legit

Ok animation

I’ll get to it!


@AHappyCoder and I will make an ad.


Haha cool
Sounds good


@AHappyCoder Check out this awesome game on Hopscotch:


I saw that!

That’s pretty amazing!


@AHappyCoder IKR It is really cool!