Natural Disaster Collab





so soz it’s my fault.
I wonder why it’s not working.

I am sooooo sorry.

I have to go to sleep now…
I will try searching ur account


@Hermione Okay, don’t worry. I understand that problem. I forgot to update HS once. It was NOT fun…


@Hermione I like your bio… It is really short though… I am SOOO happy I made it to your friends list!


@AHappyCoder Hello? Are you on? We have made some progress?



@CreationsOfaNoob YOU… LIKED… MY?.. POST… You are a legendary HS coder!!! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!


Thanks :D


@CreationsOfaNoob What do you think of this Collab so far?


Haven’t seen the actual project, but from what I can tell it seems awesome!


@CreationsOfaNoob Here it is!


Well, some of it. There is a little bit of animation and fading text and stuff. But, yeah.


Yeah, that’s the picture i’ve seen :D


@CreationsOfaNoob Oh. Okay, well you will have to wait till we publish it.


Can I see the link???

Is it my turn yet?


No worries if it isnt


@AHappyCoder Okay, I will give you the project. It is your turn.



Can I please change the text on the buildings to mak it a little more sleekly designed?


Okay, like this project when you are ready


I have it!


Okay, tell me when you have it. Oh, and also, the project you have from notifications is outdated. Cause I sent it to @Mr.rex and he sent it back