Natural Disaster Collab



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What is this Project?

So with this project we are making games based off of Real Life natural disasters. These games will be broken into Episodes. So basically we will have episodes like: Natural Disaster Project Episode 1: magnitude quake adventure. etc. We are going to try to base the project off of physics/science (Well at least I hope we are basing it off physics because I love studying that type of thing) Don’t worry, I will work on the physics things after we finish coding the main project. So you will not need to do that part if you do not want too. So yeah, there is our basic sum up…

Current Project:

Episode Name: Natural Disaster Project Episode 1: magnitude quake adventure
Natural Disaster Name: Darfield Quake
Natural Disaster Type: Earthquake
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Natural Disaster Project: Leaks and Rumors
🗣 We need Mini-Games 🎮 (And a skilled coding partner) 👷
🗣 We need Mini-Games 🎮 (And a skilled coding partner) 👷

@Hermione Please join us in this collab!!! You are an awesome person to have in our collab.


@CreativeCoder We are talking about the collab here.


Mhm, I saw it.


@CreativeCoder Yeah, @AHappyCoder has not been on sense I have made this topic.


Is there an account for this? Just asking :smiley:

I could have the password if there is an account for it… just incase I get HS back soon!

Maybe you should do a tsunami for the 2nd one! :slight_smile:


@HappyDolphin No, we do not have an account yet. The tsunami is a great idea.

  • Tsunami
  • Sandstorm
  • Volcanic Eruption

Haha, those are natural disasters :stuck_out_tongue:


@HappyDolphin I was also thinking of doing a tornado.


Tornados are cool, too!


@HappyDolphin Yeah, if they do not strike your city…


Volcanic Eruptions are natural disasters!


@HappyDolphin Yeah! Great idea! We could do that fourth.


Do you plan to make a collab account for this?


@HappyDolphin Yeah, I just don’t know if AHC will be able to use the account…


When, though? Just asking, maybe I can have the password if I get HS back soon?


@HappyDolphin When are you getting HS again?


I don’t know, sometime this year probably


I really don’t think an account is a good idea, tbh. Those things get hacked all the time.


Yeah, there’s a hacker named Oribi Jaguar Blue Winfx :frowning: