National Pit Bull Month



Hi guys!

October is a very special month for me. October is National Adopt a Dog month, and National Pit Bull month. Pit bulls are often looked at as horrible, aggressive dogs that attack at any given option, but that is all false. I don't have a pit bull myself but ever since I was little I saw pit bulls in every other kennel at every shelter I would visit. They are always the longest term residents and are always looked at in a bad way.

This month, my goal is to spread awareness for dogs in general, especially pit bulls. I may start an account for it, but I need some volunteers to help out! Tag me if you are interested and we can try this! :D

Happy coding! :C


Have you ever watch dare show pit bulls and parolees? It has swearing but it's awesome :D

I'm sorry, I'm too busy to help out ;n; good luck!


I have a question.

I know some pit bulls are the sweetest digs ever, but some just aren't. A pit bull attack makes up the majority of dog attacks, and someone gets attacked from one everyday. I was attacked myself when I was younger. (Luckily, the owner got to it before anything serious happened, and I left the park with nothing different except a torn bitten shirt)

I've heard mixed reports saying they are aggressive, and it's in their DNA. But others say they aren't any more aggressive than other dogs. The latter makes more sense, but then how do you explain all the violence from them?


I do love pit bulls


Found this sweet story on Pinterest!


That last pic tho XD

What if hops made a pit bull collab on hs?

I don't have a pit bull myself, but I like them. :slight_smile:


I thought u mean pit bull the rapper,pitbull. XD
I'm too busy to help out ;-;


A lot of attacks happen. They are common because people adopt them from the shelter and fighting was what they were trained to do by bad people. (It's illegal to dog fight) and they were used as fighting dogs when it was legal.


I think my cousin has a pitbull.

She's so innocent.


My uncle has a pitbull but I like labradors


Same! :D

They are both animals who are in a shelter more than most breeds!


My dog Labrador came from a puppy mill


How long have you had the dog?

My cousins got a little dog from a puppy mill once, but it got sick and they turned it into a rescue group because they couldn't deal with a really sick dog.


A year and one day


So this is related because we're spreading awareness on HS, right?


I think so...


Yeah! I may start a collab if enough people want to!