National Adoption/Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month-CODING/DRAWING CONTEST



It is once again National Adoption Month. Also, it is National Pancreatic Cancer Awareness month. I, for obvious reasons (check my bio if it’s not obvious to you), feel a special bond with National Adoption Month. In addition, this year, @HorseLover347’s mom has been battling pancreatic cancer, so I’m sure she feels a connection to this month.

This month, I challenge y’all to draw or code something related to Pancreatic Cancer Awareness, Adoption, or any other special month nationally that November happens to be (please, don’t submit projects about November being your birthday month; that isn’t recognized on a national scale…unless you’re like Abraham Lincoln or George Washington). The dates will be November 2, 2018 4:06 AMNovember 27, 2018 4:59 AM

Prizes will be awarded by the end of the month for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd; but remember to have fun with this.

Prizes (all are 100% transferable):
1st- spamlikes (forum & HS), shoutout on HS, small pixel art request, nomination for featured or rising, follow from 3 accounts

2nd- spamlikes (forum & HS), shoutout on HS, nomination for featured or rising, follow from 2 accounts

3rd-spamlikes (either forum or HS), shoutout on HS, nomination for featured or rising, 1 follow

Here’s mine if anyone wants inspiration:

(White is the color for adoption & purple is the color for pancreatic cancer awareness)


Drawing On Paper Compared to an iPad (Shading, Shaping, etc) Topic 18 [OFFICIAL]

Great contest! I hope the outcome turns out good!


I’ll make an adoption project!
but isn’t the pancreas an organ that’s removable? No? Okay…


I’ll do this.
It many not be overly great or anything, since I’ll probably do it over the weekend…

When the results come out, if I miraculously manage to do something, could you (or probably @Petrichor) tell me how I did? I probably won’t be here then, so yeah.


“It’s possible to live without a pancreas. But when the entire pancreas is removed, people are left without the cells that make insulin and other hormones that help maintain safe blood sugar levels. These people develop diabetes, which can be hard to manage because they are totally dependent on insulin shots. People who have had this surgery also need to take pancreatic enzyme pills to help them digest certain foods.” -American Cancer Society

Such as Alzheimer’s Awareness month and American Indian Heritage month.

Can’t wait to see your project.


Makes sense.


definitely doing this.
thank you so much sophia ;))


so i made one but i don’t have to be in the contest i guess. @sophia71205 you can look at my project if u wang thou


Okay :+1:

Thanks for supporting your mom this month (and all the time) XD




Woah, did you draw that?! And if you did, im assuming it’s your entry.


can’t you see her iconic watermark


Yes and yes :))


I don’t check the drawing topic as much as I used to.

And I saw your project, @HorseLover347. :blush:


i’m surprised i didn’t download hs yet


A national adoption month drawing. I know my handwriting isn’t straight but it’s past 10pm and I’m tired.
Also I know I’m horrible at drawing kids that are under 11.


Woah, that’s awesome.


Thanks! :slight_smile:




Uh, so apparentally yesterday was the deadline and I forgot?

Lemme go find a judge and we’ll distribute prizes.