Narwhal website help & joining



Hi hopscotchers! I have a website named the "Narwhal fan club" I would like to ask if some people would like to join!
If you are looking for the website on hopscotch, here it is,, or you can check it out on my HS account, Beautifulbelle123.

Here are the forms if you would like to join!

Name (Real or nickname:
Hopscotch account:
Your opinion on narwhals:

And that is the form! The form is a little different on HS, but what's the difference? :joy:

Hope you would like to join! It's 100% OK if you're not interested, or you don't like narwhals, but I just wanted to see if anyone would like to join!

I will be posting a new fact on the website tomorrow. I want you to remix and post your facts too!

Hope you love it!

Have a nice day, night, morning, anything!

Belle the weirdo


Lol when you were gone you missed where I went narwhal crazy one or two times. XD

I'm not joining, because I'm too busy, but I do love narwhals!


That's OK :joy::laughing::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: @Catface4