Names for the evil users!


We have all heard of the Dangerous Deleters, The Mad Flagger, and the Vicious Voters. But we need one more. There's more people on the good side then the evil side! What shall it be? Post below :wink:


The Villains Join Forces
Free to make into a comic :stuck_out_tongue:

Back in the leader den:

Kc: oh the flag alert, let's see where it's coming from
PT: Drawing Topic.
KC: Of course.
zoom zoom cue dramatic flying music

Meanwhile in the drawing topic...

FifiTheFunnyFlower: I have an awesome art to share!

Everyone: so cool wow applause amaze yes so cool

Me: stay away MF...

MF: Hmm... What lovely on topicness going on here.....

Flag flag flag

DD: Hmmm.... The topic is locked, and no one can post so...

Delete delete delete

VV: Oh, I see a poll? And what's this? A poll option says "leave hopscotch?"

Vote Vote

AA: Hm, awesome art?

Steal Steal

Will our leaders save the day...?


On the good side


On the evil side

Mad Flagger
Dangerous Deleter
Vicious Voters



We have Artificial Artist now :wink:


Oh ok. :sweat_smile:


The Idea Stealer {HITN20C}


Acrid Accusers work for about everything, because people think lots of things are fake.


@staff could someone move the posts from the Drawing on Paper topic here?


We have now chosen

Artificial Artist!!
We have all heard of them....
In the drawing topic....
Claiming that they drew something...
The didn't draw...


Ok here are the formal villains and their good counterparts:

@KiwiCute2016 vs. Artificial Artist
@poptart0219 vs. Vicious Voter
@BuildASnowman vs. Mad Flagger
@Follow4LikesOfficial vs.Dangerous Deleter


Wait guys we can also have the

Agonizing Accusers!!


Ok, you gonna make it into a comic now?


But who will they go against?
@t1_hopscotch is really nice, so...


t1_hopscotch vs AA

Boo we have two AA's tho :frowning:


They can be evil twins :00000000




That moment when you realize
This is a trend on the forum


But AA would be against AA, tho...
AA would accuse AA's art of being fake, remember?
Then again, AA and AA can be both evil twins, but hate each other...
Autocorrect though. -_-


AA&AA... together they will destroy the forum... or will they?


dramatic voice
Before they destroy each other


@SmilingSnowflakes I know you're closed on requests, but you should soooo code this (and maybe the bot) :3