Names for my Club?


Hey guys!
The club information is back! I got so much input on that poll, so THANK YOU guys for that. I am so happy because 88% of the 17 voters all said DO IT!
I still have to work out some of the rules and stuff, because I have to really consider all of your feedback! Please comment MORE feedback on this post if you do have it!
Anyway I do need tons of help on a name for this club. I was thinking like Hopscotch Help Club, or something along those lines!
If you have no idea what club I am talking about and what it’s about, I suggest you go check out my post: I have a club idea! Anyone interested?

So yeah! Tiny recap: Comment more feedback if you have it, comment names for the club, and just let me know what you think of the club in general!

Thanks for reading! PEACE OUT! If you haven’t been trick-or treating yet because of time diffferences, HAPPY TRICK OR TREATING! Also, HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all the people that celebrate it!



I hink it should have a name with a difrent acronym caus hopschotch help clubs acronim is hhc and thats the haloween contest.


Thank you, @PartTimeFemale

I need IDEAS! Comment down below some nominations for names! I will put them all into a poll in the upcoming days and you guys can vote on whichever one you like the best! So comment any names you have! (within reason- no profanity, inapporiate topics, etc)


hopschotch asistince group
code helpers
ya boys the coder help peeps yall