Name Requests😄?


Name Requests??? :smile: If you want a name for a game, account, masterpiece,
etc, ASK RIGHT HERE!!!!!


Can you do mine? Still Dude73 in hopscotch, and my favorite color is green. You choose the rest!


I'll take one just have the name shadow and fav color is black
P.S. HSB (1,1,1) is pitch black


I though it was HSB (0,0,0) that was pitch black


No it 1,1,1 I believe 0,0,0 is the purple


Oh ok... It has always been black for me...


Ok, they will b done before Friday. Thanks!!! :smile: (And 0,0,0 is black for me...)


I use 1,1,1 you can use 0,0,0


This is a great idea, but I think that most people will probably find names for their own projects. I'm not saying this is a bad idea or anything. :wink:


It is to most people.


I know, @tankt2016, but if u need ideas....:blush:


Dude73, here you go:

Hope u like it. :sweat_smile:


Yeah! It is useful if you can't think of a name for your project!


Yeah.:sunglasses: Got inspired by @Lightningstrike


She's drawing out names. Not making them. :smile:
I think


What, i do that, but also create, @Lightningstrike


Kayro, here you go:


I'll take one! We like triceratops. And big gray-black-and-white tabby-tortoiseshell cats. And light, vibrant, bright colors. Like—how about the colors of the rainbow and then the dark pink/pink/magenta?Username: tankt2016, but please put TRICERA–STUDIOS or tankt.


Will be done by Saturday, or earlier.:wink:


Here you go. I can't draw cats, (I'm working on it:cry:) but I drew you a triceratops. I couldn't fit it on the name picture, but I still drew it. Hope that's ok:sweat_smile: