Name/profile pic change? Colourful Black


guz, should i change my name to Toasted ink?

  • duh
  • yes
  • no
  • noooooooooo if u change i will hate u forever
  • well, if u want to


plz vote!


It's your choice, and I like both names! :D

But, take in consideration that you can't change your forum name. :D
So... Your hopscotch name will be different if you do change it. :D


i know that. thx anywayz!


I agree it is your choice! Nothing can stop you in this world


@PandaBlossom @KawaiiAnimeLuver
guz, wat do u guz think?
i kinda wanna do this because it's my instagram name...


I think you can if you want. But remember a capital "I" in Ink! Or else I will regret making this post XD


Which is better for my profile pic?


The Cats! The Cats Are So Cute!


I'm Now Going To Do DOS, Ok? Bye!


I like Colorful Black. It's unique and cool.


It would be better if you drew it @ColourfulBlack ! You're such an amazing artist, it would be great to have an original picture! Your choice though!


I like the one with the cat on the bubble!


I have grown with can choose, prefer ColourfulBlack, tbh!