Name Changed to CraftingScotcher


I changed my name to CraftingScotcher, so if you want to search me up, search that instead of MobCraft (though there will be some projects with MobCraft in it)
But, if you want me to change it back, vote for this:

  • It's fine
  • Please change it back!



it sounds better the way it was


I always found it confusing when a person on the forums has a different name than hopscotch... That is my preference so don't mind me :wink:.


I'm with @benmerritt!


Same! But I like your new and old one, and I think you should just go with whatever name makes you happy! :smiley:


Okay, many people want me to change it back, and honestly I'd agree. So, it's been changed back to MobCraft!