>>>>>>>Name Change?<<<<<<



Should I change my name? I think that Follow4LikesOfficial sounds a little like "bribing".

  • Change it!
  • Dun change it pls
  • wat



If I change my name, it will be "Anonymous".


Dun change it pls pls pls


It's just going to be
But since majority don't want to,



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Any more? I might actually change it


Nope don't change no nope no


I think you've built up all this fame with that name. Keep it!


Agreed!!!!! I like follow4likes!


It kinda sound weird tho... And it will probably affect my career (I don't think @Liza would ever put a project on featured if the name is follow4likes)
She would probably be like


Lol, not true!
OrangeScent sounds weirder than Follow4LikesOfficial :laughing:


Also, I think your name makes you sound like a government official


Not true! :stuck_out_tongue: you got featured 17 days after that! :stuck_out_tongue:


Here's a like :heart:!

I just voted 'Change it!' because @Follow4LikesOfficial already did. XD