Name Change? (From 2015 to 2016!)


As you might know, my Hopscotch name has changed to Kiwicute2016༗. My forum name, however, is still Kiwicute 2015. @admins (@BuildASnowman, @t1_Hopscotch, @Liza, @Rodrigo, @Awesomeonion, @Alish, @Ian) , is there anyway you can change my name to Kiwicute2016?
And thanks!
I emailed THT as well, but they're on vacation.


You forgot @ian! @ian writes the emails mostly.


Thanks!!!!!!!!!! 2020
Can't like so here's a :heart:


You can change it by yourself.


Actually never mind. The Hopscotch Team won't be able to answer you until the 4th. They're on vacation. I sent them an email, and an auto reply showed up saying they were on vacation.


Yep they are on vacation in Hawaii New York and I forget the other place!


Does that mean Malkaya is not banned? (Just asking)


I think she can still post sadly


This may be a little meen but should we try to get her on the forum and flag her posts because she will use bad words and she will want to leave hopscotch?! And the forums!


Uh, that would not be the best. If she goes on the forum, we can flag her, yes. But that makes a bully stronger, not weaker. Just because we flag her posts doesn't mean she would want to leave. Plus, morepeople would get hurt in the process by her bullyism.


Yeah and she would flag everyone!


If she flags everyone her flags would get denied. This isn't the topic to talk about this, though.


What do you meen??????


Okay! 20202020202 body invaled


First, it's mean (sorry...but ahh). Second, mods check to make sure the post should actually be flagged.


Okay that makes sence!


And it is meen! 202020202020




Well I think the only way to change the name is to just do Kiwicute16 or do Real Kiwicute2016 :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth: (Funky 63 reference)


Is this solved? Why am I tagged here?