N4E General Topic (I don't care for originality.)


By this point you know what all these general topics are, so I feel no need to explain.

Non Hopscotch Stuff

I did quit the Hopscotch Rpg Maker Game, but I am making a Percy Jackson RPG game, for fans of Rick Riordan. Dont't expect it soon though. It will most likely take at least a month.

My Opinions on the Update

The new interface is, well, new. I personally prefer the old coding interface, but I can get used to it. I think there should be an option to switch to the old layout, which shouldn't be too hard seeing as the old interface code already exists.

I probably won't be making any major projects until I find the iPad that had the old version of hopscotch so I can make a project with the old interface before it gets too outdated.

Here come dat boi!

On a scale of 1 to 20, how sweg am I?

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When I saw your profile I thought

A wild Missingno appeared!!!!!1!!1



Can I catch you?


You have to go to a certain pokestop. (Just pokemon go with it.)

Two pokemon go puns for the price of one.


but this isn't Pokemon go D:


It is now. Dat boi says so.


Player caught Missingno with ultraball






We should probably stop... dat boi says so


Dat boi be Rollin down the street

Rolling to the beat

Yea we should gbot


But wait.. if the topic is just general stuff... THAT MEANS.. yeah no.