Mystic Maniac's Hopscotch: Suggestions for Projects!



I will be working on the projects, and I will post them. You people can make suggestions. BTW: I checked to make sure I wasn’t copying, and this is related to Hopscotch @CreationsOfaNoob. Thanks. I invite @XmanFrens and @RockOwl88506302 and everyone mentioned above. Thanks!


Wow that fast! I just made this!


That was at @Work_Kids_Coding.


Hi, I saw the first topic. Eh, I suggest making a tapper tycoon


Here let me put stuff on here like what I’ve done.


How would I do that? IDK.


@Mystic_Maniac So, it is sort of like a design the room game, and a tapper game. The more money you make; the more stuff you can buy to design the room. Then, people can remix the project with their designs.


No how do I put projects on here?


@Mystic_Maniac Oh, have you ever noticed that three dots next to your HS project?


Yeah. Do I press that and go from there?


Reply I have homework catch ya later.


Yep, then you click copy link


Thanks bye @Work_kids_coding


@Mystic_Maniac Bye! Have fun making tapper games! :slightly_smiling_face:


I made this!


And this!


@Mystic_Maniac Please fix this:


Fix what?
I don’t see anthting wrong with it…


BTW: I will still do the tycoon thing you mentioned, @Work_kids_coding.


@Mystic_Maniac Do you see how many Tech Points I have? I know I can’t. You should fix that.

Oh, and, thanks for using my idea!