Mystery Platformer 👀 Crosbyman64 + StarlightStudios

This topic is for the mystery platformer developed by Crosbyman and I! The game being developed by both of us is kind of confusing if your just scrolling through this topic but basically Crosbyman is getting the platformer set up and developing the foundation, and then I’m going to make all of the levels and art and any other features besides the mechanics of the platforming itself.

After the game is developed completely, updates will be given in my update topic.



do you want me to mute/normal this topic? :slight_smile:


No it’s fine, the purpose is for me and crosbyman to keep track of stuff going on with the topic but anyone is free to track the development, thanks for asking!


@Crosbyman64 How easy is it for me to code my own enemy’s if you just add them as normal enemies (the ones that just walk around) so I don’t have to worry about having them in the editor and stuff and tile data? I don’t mind doing it because your already doing so much I just don’t know how but if coding the ai isn’t that bad then I can


The AI is a bit complex, especially the ones that fire projectiles, but for the most part, it’s just initializing the width, height, x speed, movement type, animation type (optional), etc.


Oh yeah true because if I want a boss that shoots out stuff that can get pretty complex — I guess instead of having an enemy for the boss which would make it repetitive I could have a puzzle/hard end bit (actually this game is basically a puzzle/platformer which is almost never done lol)

Also can you make it so enemies cant go through the colored blocks when they are solid?


The enemies pretty much use the same collision code as the player apart from the hazards (they’re immune the spikes).


Btw, the max allowed size before having to add more collision points is 64x64 HS units (the same size as the tiles). It’s one of the reasons why Bosses are hard to do in Local Collision Platformers.


Yeah Ill just do a hard puzzle or platforming bit



Btw, would you like me to reserve some tiles to be hints? (I can use 1 through 9 for this)


  • Use :arrow_backward::arrow_forward: to move
  • Press :arrow_up_small: to Jump
  • Tap :record_button: to use attack

You can make these as big or wide as you like. They don’t have to fit inside a tile.

In most games I play, the first level is where you teach players how to move, jump, what to avoid, and how to attack. Then there would be a level where you introduce those special blocks and how to use the special buttons, then a level that show how color mixing works (if you know what I mean).

If you’d like I can make it so the special button(s) only appear if those specific special block(s) exists in the level data. It’s quite easy to do, actually… Your choice, but it would make the whole puzzle feature more of a surprise.

For example, if green exists, the blue and yellow buttons will show. If purple exists, the red and blue buttons will show. If yellow exists, the yellow button will show, if rainbow exists, all buttons will show.


Sure that sounds good!

I would like that, I could introduce each button and different combinations without overwhelming the player that way. Thanks!


@Crosbyman64 Could you add a block that’s like the ladder but you dont go down when you don’t touch the jump button please? I could use it as a jumping vine


Like the things in spy guys birthday platformer thing? Those are cool


Let me go play it to see what you mean brb

Edit: Oh yeah ugh I cant think of something that hasn’t been done before!


Well your special blocks are definitely never before seen…

Yeah, there aren’t a lot of blocks that haven’t been made before

  • ON/OFF blocks - already been done in Bear’s Adventure and later in STAR-LINK
  • Blue platform with X - pretty much in every standard platformer by Spy Guy 96 and a few others
  • Bounce Blocks - also in every standard platformer
  • Crates, Ladders, Spikes, Enemies, Coins, Keys, Doors - they all have been done before
  • Even vines and ropes have been done before

Some unique blocks I made were Blinking Blocks (inspired by SMM2), Sticky Walls, Sticky Floor, Electric Orb, and Spike Traps, and some unique mechanics I made were the Double Jump mechanic, the Dash mechanic, and the Ground Slam mechanic.

Well, buttons haven’t yet been made in Local Collision Platformers yet, but it’s due to a good reason: how would you be able to link a button to another tile? It would be near impossible to.


Yeah they haven’t, I have had the idea for a while actually but I will say it started from another platformer concept, where you chose what color to see and you could only see that color. (Not on HS, but for a hour of code thing on a different platform) This game is different because it has color mixing though and you can activate multiple colors at a time

Do you mind if I make a concept on what the jump, attack, and the four color buttons to turn their respective color on/off look like?


Not at all. Go ahead. I know your concepts are really cool.


Thanks! The white diamond is jump, rainbow diamond is to shoot your projectile, and then the four diamonds are for switching the colors on and off. (Of course the arrows are to move left and right lol

Of course I will draw the images for the diamonds when your done adding the platforming stuff because they will be pixelated

Sorry that the diamonds are so imperfect lol but you get the idea

Edit: Please flip the blue and yellow triangle’s positions, sorry!

Edit 2:

Ok I wanted to test how it would look in a project so here’s it as a project


Looks cool. If you move the attack button up by 12 units, it’ll look more centered with the other buttons. I feel like the special switches could get in the way in terms of what’s ahead, but maybe that’s just me


Yeah the four diamonds will be all centered and evenly spaced but the rainbow/pink diamond stays close to the jump button so it’s easy to press

You will have to press the other buttons while jumping which is why they have to be easy to press, the red and yellow are harder to press but maybe if everything is moved closer to the bottom of the screen it will work out