Mystery Hopscotcher?



I was just going through my activity today and I saw something a little bit weird.

Not everything on there was weird (sorry to Clover​:four_leaf_clover:, Supery​:sunglasses: and Batgirl_1) but at the top there was someone called "A hopscotcher". When I tapped his name to see his profile however, it just stayed on the activity page! Has anyone else ever come across this mysterious being? Is it really an account or is it just what happens when you have bad internet connection? Reply if you know!


They liked one of my projects and I couldn't click their name but I could click others so I don't think it is internet.


Oh don't worry! That is for he iPhone users. They do not have an account so they are simply called a Hopscotcher, hope this helped! @SocialSpaghetti


It really does, thanks!


It's an iPhone user. And search before you post to see if other topics (there's tons of them) have the answer. :wink:


It was me playing from my phone! :smile: I remember liking those projects!


RP: Wow! That amazing @SmileyAlyssa Hope you have fun "liking" those people! XD!