Mysterious Blurry Text



What is up? There's nothing inappropriate. Is it being censored? If so, why? I'm very confused.


What project is this on? Is this on the beta or no @KathrynJaneway?


This is a bug. Did you have the set size rule? Try getting out of hopscotch then back in!


@Kiwicute2015 I had set size... I lost the thing since I hadn't saved and hopscotch shut down. :pensive:
@Phase_Studios it's on regular hopscotch.


What is the project called @KathrynJaneway?


The original project isn't published anymore. (The latest Book of Hopscotchers by @CreativeCoder ) and the remix was never published. So.. Yeah.


Try to use the grow by block next time.


@Kiwicute2015 The problem with using Grow By on that project is that because if you flip back to it it grows again and again..


Ahh I see. I haven't seen the book yet, so I'll check it out!


This is probably the absolute MOST ANNOYING glitch ever. To fix it, restart your Hopscotch.


I am going to check that out.