I was searching around Hopscotch, when I saw this project called: #MyNewYearPromise. Basically, it was a randomly generated new year resolution, but super cool! I remixed it, and look:

Funny, right? Post what you got!


I will do something in a galaxy far away with myself XD


In 2016 I will randomly build people XD


It's my project!!!! :joy::joy::joy:


Hopscotch team is FOLLOWING ME!!
My project is on RISING!! :laughing::sweat_smile::laughing::sweat_smile::laughing::sweat_smile::joy::laughing::sweat_smile::joy::laughing::innocent::laughing::joy::sweat_smile::laughing:


Oh, I just wanted to tell you, I remixed your project with different characters. That's how I could get something like I will hide a person in a pillow.


I got that I will kiss people in hopscotch


#lolnope to @Giraffedolphin26's resolution


I will dance with a frog in a galaxy far far away


I will paint a frog in Antarctica?


Hi! Im making the same thing, but Ill give credit. (Me not a project stealer) Nice, you made it to rising!


I will dance with a paper mache noodle that was the wife of a vitamin gummy bear. This gummy bear was the sister of a rotten fire hydrant that ate 4 National Geographic books because they forgot to feed her chicken hearts.


Wow! Congratulations!


I wwill find pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows... On rainbows!


I will make people in my bedroom? That doesn't sound very appropriate... :joy::joy::joy: this is awesome
EDIT: oops... It said "build people in my room" but still...


In 2016, I will....
-Eat a game in front of a huge crowd
-Befriend no one in a galaxy far far away
-Record a viral video about a sandwich in a car
-Flirt**(seriously! - in a non-mean way) with a book in any place in EXISTEN**CE
-Do anything for my crush in a galaxy far far away ( so my crush has to be in Tatoonie? )
-Draw a tree in Antartica
- Kiss animals in any place in EXISTENCE


Not to tease you but...
Princess AwesomeWolf18 and the Frog


Just saying(not in mean way) i HATE princesses



Find the sun in my house :grin:



Sorry @AwesomeWolf18! :pensive: