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This is where our coding partner, @MYD, and us, @tankt2016. We will chat on big projects.

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@MYD, found the topic in the "Topics similar to yours" section that comes up when creating a topic.


Great Big Projects
Making People's Day


@MYD, is it dinner time at your house? Or are you ignoring this topic?


Sorry, I had to take a shower, sorry, I forgot about that!
I thought we were going to make a topic in the lounge, or did u, gonna check


Changing he category, made this before I was a regular.


U want me to make it? Or u?
Is this in the lounge now?


Lounge topic now. So what should we make? A regular project? And sorry for the inconvenience, going to bed in 15 minutes (then relaxing for an hour), and a flame war is going on.




A trust level ruler!


Going to go start, let's use a rectangle for the ruler and use an HSB color, let's use text for the trust levels, with Regular in the middle of it, moderator at the top. And then the background should be what…MasterMindCreations' forum background? The remix sign will go away if it's in our drafts long enough.

Bedtime, bye for the night. Goodnight! :crescent_moon: :sleeping_accommodation: :bed: :sleeping:


Goodnight, sorry but I don't really understand what u are saying.


You awake? We are. Obviously.


I am now! Whazzup, normally, I oils wake up an hour earlier but since I'm on vacation....


Just got home, still on?


I'm here now!!!!!!!!!


I won't be on for long, school.


Okay, I have an airplane to go on, only can be on for a few more minutes


Where are you going?


Right now I'm in Mexico on Vacation, going back to Illinois


@MYD, let's see. So there should be a ruler. And the writing on it:

— Admin


— Moderator


— Leader


— Regular


— Member


— Basic User

To get —

To get –

To get -
See the one I'm holding down up there? The normal white one on any picture? It's that one.