MYD and Tankt2016's Art Club: First Event On February 26 (Everyone missed the 6:00 deadline on the 25)( Started, But You Can Still Join ). Deadline 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time



We have decided to make an art club! You don't have to participate in all the activities, requests, and challenges, you just have to participate in at least half the activities, requests, and challenges!

Here's the link for the art club sign up

Drawers that I want to join

@MagmaPOP, you would be level 10—the best level! And the Co-Leader!
@OrangeScent1, you would be level 9!
@PopTart0219, you would be level 8!

Art Club Staff And Members

Leader: @tankt2016
Co-Leader: @MYD
@Deadfr ( on Hopscotch, Deadfr:hibiscus:; Level 7; Group 7 )
@DreamyLemon ( on Hopscotch, who are you?; Level 7; Group 7 )
@FluffyMice ( on Hopscotch, FluffyMice; Level 7; Group 7 )
@Timelord007 ( on Hopscotch, PorokingΩΣΔ; Level 7; Group 7 )
@Coffee7 ( on Hopscotch, Coffee7; Level 7; Group 7 )
@3087777 ( on Hopscotch, 3087777; Level 7; Group 7 )
@SkydivingWalnut ( on Hopscotch, SkydivingWalnut; Level 8; Group 8 )
There's more, but they don't have forum accounts—yet. And some of them—I don't know their usernames yet.

FIRST EVENT: @tankt2016, @MYD, @Deadfr, @DreamyLemon, @FluffyMice, @Timelord007, and @Coffee7 and @SkydivingWalnut


Draw your pet (if you don't have one, draw a friend's pet) on the newest version of the SmileyPad! Write some words or short sentences that describe the pet, then, when you are all done with your drawing, take a screenshot and reply to this post as soon as possible! Best three win! No one gets kicked out (unless you brag for winning or be a sore l o s e r; no one wants people who act like that in their clubs)!

Deadline 6:00 p.m Eastern Time

SmileyPad Link:

Example Drawing:


Can i join please thanks


Here's my best drawing (your draw pad lagged for me)


Please fill out the form.


Big reply

Please fill out the form. AND THIS IS FOR EVERYONE!!!


Ok, i submitted it!


Okay, I'll look, @Timelord007!


Yayyayyaya :smile::smile::smile: thank you!


Are you 3087777?


????? What do you mean?


Your username. Is it 3087777? Well, if it is, you forgot some questions.


What does group 7mean?


Nah, my username is PorokingΩΣΔ


That means you're level 7. Level 10 is for the best drawers, like @MagmaPOP. It would be cool if I got him to join!


Okay, I just need an art demonstration please. People forget so many questions. . .



Well, I need more members and for everyone to have a forum account. It's okay.


I have signed up for the club!and I couldn't draw with it because It lagged and stuff so use that image /\


Sorry tankt! I didnt see that. :sweat_smile:


Ok done now! Hope you let me in! :blush::blush::blush::blush: