My youtube videos!



I am going to post my videos on how-to's in the replies!



Awesome! Now I hope more people will follow your example and do the same!




Nothing Here to be seen


I thought you said this wasn't allowed.


thought not though @Huggingfluffybear, sorry.


Oops sorry and kiwis post was old but this isn't allowed anymore...


@Kiwicute2016, can you state your opinion on it again.


Liza said communication outside of the forums are not allowed and youtube permits that. :frowning:


So posting posting hopscotch tutorials on YouTube isn't allowed?
@kiwicute2016 how is it communication outside of the forum? If it is, then the videos in hopscotch are and collabs in HS are too


How are they a form of communication?


YouTube comments, I guess. If you disabled comments, however, then it may be allowed.


That's what I was thinking.:hushed:


Through your youtube channel, I can find your Google plus account and communicate with you through there. It's really easy.


Technically not, because they're inside Hopscotch. The rules are no communication outside of Hopscotch.


though it makes it safer, hopscotch can't really prevent us from making YouTube videos. They can't control what happens outside the forums.


Isn't that the same as when BAS shared his blog? I may be wrong though :smile:

Sorry to bother :smile:


I didn't know you could communicate there.


I forgot about that.