My Youtube!(Not the same as other topic)


I am not that frequent of an uploader on youtube. So I am going to upload other peoples videos! You can send them to me through email if you already have it. If you don't have my email, I am sorry but you can't be on me youtube channel.
Quote this!


Sounds cool. I don´t have any hopscotch videos or videos at all. But, DotCopple has a lot. But I don´t think he´s on the forum...



20 charcters, I think not.


That sounds cool, but I don't believe social media is allowed. @Kiwicute2016?


I think YouTube is fine as long as there is no personal info, :wink:


Nop, seriously. Is it supposed to be nope?


I think you know he means.


@Kiwicute2016 wrote that. I put up a buisness email.