My Work-In-Progress RPG topic!


I am making an RPG!

Okay, enough with the new size trick.

This game is set in Cyberspace, and the evil person is MEEEEEEE!
Anyways I will put polls and stuffs here.


Part of your story can be removing regular status from Hopscotchers and giving the staus to spies working for you


yaaaaaay! New RPG!


Thanks, but I have decided the story :confused: Sorry :confounded:


Why you always gotta be AnEvilCoder? XD


Cool! Is this the first made up RPG in hopscotch?


I am never usually...




lol, no. But it is one of the first.




How long do you think it's going to be? It sounds awesome!






Awesome! Here, you deserve a marshmallow!

I know that's my profile picture, but the point is: good job!


Name idea time!

  • The Code
  • The Game
  • -Game-
  • Other, state in reply






"Insert the name that which is the name of the game that which is this game, the game not made by the kraaaaang" <-- le title suggestion xD

We need some of the story and such to think of a title xD


I will give some more info now! I just need to fetch some photos....


Seek Peek!

The game will have
- Collision detection, code by @Stradyvarious
- A Good Sized Map that scrolls
- A Mathematical Fighting System

  • :D
  • ._.
  • ;-;


- The Happy Coder


What is an RPG? is it a roleplay or something??


Role Playing Game
Have you seen the original Pokemon? Well it's like that!