My Visit to Hopscotch HQ! <they posted a picture in which I look terrible on their twitter>...and my hair looks terrible :( MY HAIR ISNT THAT SHORT! it was behind my shoulder in the picture! AND MY ARM LOOKS LIKE A STICK



I felt like making a topic lol..
So basically, two days ago I went to see HQ! :D
I think my Dad suggested going to HQ, I didn't really have to convince him :laughing:
But I had to tell him what we were going to do there, and the main things, like where it was located, the team members, does it cost money (NOOOO :D) and how long we were gonna stay there. If you want to go I recommend doing research before hand so you know what to expect, and you seem like you know what you're doing. It also shows that you care.
When I first walked in I was overwhelmed because there was this reception desk and it was really fancy, and I was expecting like a small office, but NO, it looked like a fancy hotel and there was a desk where you had to check in and they gave you an ID.
Anyway, when I reached their floor, I was so confused because it was literally a huge building, and a hole in the middle of all the floors, and it looked really fancy.
And there's this button that says something like, "Ring if you're a visitor."
And my Dad walks right by it, and we're still really confused because we don't know where THT is.
So I said, "Hey, I think we should press that button."
And this guy brings us to his reception desk, (there's a reception desk on each floor I think), and my Dad gives us our names and then says something like, "Actually, we're Snoopy." And the guy gives us a really weird look which was really funny and I explained that we were visiting Hopscotch and we gave him our names. And we waited on this couch while watching news on the TV.
She asks us a few questions and then she, Nina, Meg, and Liza, bring us to this dining sort of place. It's a bunch of chairs and tables but it was really empty because they said most of the workers were on holiday break. The pizza was really good but I only ate one slice because I was answering questions most of the time. :DD
They were taking notes which made my answers feel really important and they also asked my Dad and my brother questions too.
After that, they led us to their office, which is basically two long tables with swivel chairs and a bunch of computers and laptops. And they have a bunch of pictures of projects on their wall and a big color-in sheet which I never got to do. :frowning:
Anyway...the view is really cool, and they said their office was Facebook's old one! :00
There was this huge hole in the ground next to their building, and Nina said it was a new skyscraper that was going to be built taller than the Empire State Building called the One Vanderbilt.
Moving On... YAYAYAYAY
She showed us her laptop and she explained she was dong chores, and of course I was really confused because I thought she meant like, "Clean the dishes, mop the floors." but she opened her laptop and I SAW HOPSCOTCH's code which was reallllyyy cool because it was in different colors and the background was black! She said she was deleting or cleaning up a bunch of somethings, I don't remember what it was called, but she said it slowed down Hopscotch.
Oh, and Sam and Nina said that Hopscotch's servers were located in Virginia, and there are 10 MILLION DOWNLOADS OF HOPSCOTCH!!! wowza
Nina also showed me a version of Hopscotch on the computer, which I think she said was for the app developers to use, and she said that Hopscotch was in layers, and if she ever wanted to fix something, she could just click one, and adjust it. (which I saw :000) She also said a bunch more cool things that I can't remember.
So then Meg and Liza brought us to this Conference Room, which they said they shared because sometimes its too loud outside of it, and they gave my brother an iPad and told him to watch the videos, but it didn't work so we used Liza's phone. :D
They were taking notes and Liza said that they were looking for what needs to be improved, if the video is too fast/slow, or if the user understands or doesn't understand something.
I was looking at their notes and I thought it was fascinating how one can pull so many details from my brother watching a video. He coded and spiral draw!
Liza went to ask my Dad questions, and Meg stayed back to take notes.
After that, Meg showed how she Featured projects, and it looks really organized. It's actually just a button that says, "Feature project." She can also rename projects, and a bunch of other really cool stuff. They asked a few more questions, we gave some more feedback, and it was over.
It was two hours but it felt like 20 minutes.
We went way over our time, we were originally only going to stay for one hour. :joy:
it was super cool and worth the car ride (surprisingly no traffic on the way there but the way back was a completely different story) to get there! :D
And they said they'd upload pictures of my visit on their Twitter but they haven't yet..I wonder if I can post my own pictures but they have pictures of faces in there so I'm not sure..
Well, my point is, IT WAS REALLLY FUN!
*drops microphone

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Im going to new york to see hopscotch



I laughed so hard here :000 :joy:
I'm going to make a topic inspired by this!


Sounds like an amazing trip @Snoopy


I think either Meg or Sam said, "The reception guy said, 'Ummm, Snoopy?? is here.'"
I thought it was really funny. :D


You should try going! :D


I will!
(How did you end up going?)


Actually I think my Dad suggested the idea first... :laughing:
And I kept procrastinating on the email but eventually I wrote it and THT replied! :DD


I bet it was really fun!

I wish I could go but I'm all the way down in Texas. XD


That makes sense!
(Your so lucky)



Kewl! ;D

And pizza yum



Just saw u edit that lol!
Wow that seems cool


Cool!! Glad you had fun :smiley:


That made me laugh a lot XD


You could take a train.
or a plane if you're serious about it. you should plan other things besides HQ to convince your parents.
We were originally going to take a train, but it was super expensive so we just drove. :D
If you reserve a ticket earlier it should be cheaper. :D


How far from hopscotch HQ are you?


Usually it takes 5 hours to drive there, but there was surprisingly no traffic so we got there in 3 hours. :D
On the way back it took longer though because of traffic. :frowning:


That sounds like soo much fun
I wish I could go


Write an email and ask! :D
That's all I did.


Wow, you don't live very far from there!
(Unlike me..)