My Vimeo Videos! (Same As Youtube Videos :wink)



How To Make Flappy Bird

My password for every video will be Hopscotch_Is_Awesome
So remember that!


Thats awesome! I have a few questions:
Vimeo is free, right? (not to watch, to like upload my own video; Im thinking about it)
And what do you use to record? Just the in game hopscotch recorder?


Wow! That's so cool! How do you make those?


I personally love Apple because it is easy to record stuff with the pre-loaded stuff on your computer. I use the Quick Time Player to record my IPad screen. Then I edit it with IMovie which is amazing to use for editing!
@Paydent12, yes, Vimeo is free to upload stuff!


I don't have I movie or a Mac which sucks but I just got Vimeo and im think im just gonna use the in app redorder


Is Vimeo like an app? Idk


Vimeo is like a Youtube. Boom, explained.
They have limits on how much you can load, you can have videos with special settings, as to make it visible to you or friends, etc. and so on. I KNOW THIS BECAUSE MY ELECTIVE I BASICALLY THAT, VIDEOS ETC.
Phew, that's a lot to explain :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok, I don't have YouTube either :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


LOL, I'm too lazy to have an alternate gmail.


Blehhhhh! My school blocked that! I ant view it!