My unidonut account


Someone tried to change the name of it and make it there's!







Wow that seems serious


I think I should change the password and make it strictly for people I know and trust.


That would be good. I think you should do that.


Can you make the topic about the actual situation cause it's kinda weird I mean you know
And Mabye not make a topic everytime something happens?


Just report them to the HS Team
If that doesnt work... then change your password
dun dun DUN!!!!!


They changed it to UniCorn​:corn:
I was looking through all of my notifications and saw UniCorn​:corn: So i checked ou the account
It turned out to be Unidount with the username changed so i logged into UniCorn​:corn: and changed it back to unidonut


No Taco. I changed it to UniCorn so they couldnt find our username if they tried to log back in.


But SmilingStudios needs to be stopped. @aabb1111 change the password to something easy to remember and long


Also, I have a link for my latest project. Just tell me if you like it or not.


@aabb1111 @Dylan329
Remember when I was bored and asked if anyone would collab.
I said I wanted to code a donut and u said lets name it unidonut.
Honestly, we should really just code somewhere else cause the password was everywhere. Who knows what they could do with the account. They could delete your first featured project.



Ill change it back
I thought that SmilingStudios changed it


Did the pw get changed?


Not yet. We are still working on one.


Really? Because I can't login I know a few possible pws


Dont say it aloud please. This is why SmilingStudios is destroying our account as we speak


I can edit a random post and mention you guys in it.
If I do, don't reply to it!
does anyone even use invite?